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Steve Wozniak Calls for Chief Disruption Officer

Steve Wozniak Calls for Chief Disruption Officer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak onstage at the recent FISConnect conference. He told the audience of 1300 financial services leaders that every company today needs a chief disruption officer -- someone with a personal passion for a new way of doing things -- and that person should not report to the CEO. CEOs are responsible for delivering results on today's business, and disruption threatens that. Rather, he said, the chief disruption officer should report directly to the board of directors.

My interview with Woz

Wozniak believes that to be successful in today's increasingly digital world, every business needs three things: business knowledge, strong engineering and, most important of all, marketing. Not marketing in the traditional sense but rather in the Steve Jobs model of envisioning and shaping new markets.

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